Craig B. Doerksen,MFM, P.Eng
Divisional Director, Facility Management
Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg
732 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0T3

Voice. 204.787.2735
Fax. 204.787.4865

Since 2004 Craig has provided leadership as the Divisional Director, Facility Management, at the 780 bed, 3.4 million sq.ft., core area Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg.  Through this experience the ability to protect patients from hospital acquired infections, surgical site infections and inhaled air and medical gas quality have been paramount issues.  Craig lead HSC into being an early adopter of UV for post cleaning disinfection and ongoing shared bathroom disinfection.  These practices along with many maintenance and housekeeping practices to support a clean patient care environment.  In 2015, Craig and HSC were awarded the inaugural CHAIR Canada Leadership Award.