CHAIR - Coalition for Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction

Our Goals

  • Establishing anti-microbial efficacy of various touch surfaces
  • Establishing the effectiveness of lavatory downdraft to reduce bacteria spread
  • Promoting the use of ultraviolet light disinfection in patient care areas
  • Reframe UVC disinfection as the primary means of disinfection rather than a secondary method
  • Use of self sanitizing surfaces such as copper alloys on high touch surfaces in patient care areas
  • Investigating the feasibility of hydrogen peroxide and ozone fogging systems in patient care areas
  • Understanding the anti-microbial effectiveness of woven copper and silver threads in bed linen and draperies
  • Quantifying HAI reductions, cost and return on investment of above multifactorial approach
  • Support clinical trials that achieves CHAIR goals
  • Identifying and providing applicable content for the relevant CSA Healthcare Standards
  • Establishing a CSA Standard and CSA Product Certification for antimicrobial ratings
  • Identifying and creating content for the relevant ISO healthcare product standards
  • Publishing results from each trial site, and a comprehensive meta study for industry/healthcare use
  • Educating and advocating through professional organizations: CSA, CHES, CCHE, IPAC
  • Testing in hospital environments to assess the efficacy of:
    1. antimicrobial coatings on high touch surfaces,
    2. UV light application,
    3. toilet downdraft applications.
  • Develop procedures with infection control and microbiology stakeholders to audit disinfection processes as part of Quality Management¬† System for the following:
    • ATP Testing
    • Culture Sampling
    • Image Capture Technology
    • Glow Germ Testing