CHAIR - Coalition for Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction

Key Steps to Success

How Will CHAIR Achieve Its Goals?

CHAIR is a working coalition. Our members are ready to take action and to implement engineered solutions focusing on air, water, UV light and touch surfaces that will actively reduce HAIs in a meaningful and significant manner. Beyond participating in clinical trials, CHAIR members will undertake the following:

  • Determine and define antimicrobial  in real world environments (establish operational definition of what it means to be antimicrobial)
  • Develop a CSA Standard for antimicrobial touch surfaces
  • Establish a CSA Certification program for antimicrobial products with criteria for understanding when a product has met or surpassed the standard
  • Conduct rapid and accurate baseline and on-going monitoring assessments of HAI rates
  • Resolve logistics issues involved in conducting trials (i.e., tracking coated items in mobile usage environments)
  • Engage top decision makers  to overcome roadblocks to good information and to reduce budget silos
  • Establish 30-year operational analyses and strategy across Ministries of Health and Healthcare Facilities
  • Establish a recognition program for antimicrobial products

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