CHAIR - Coalition for Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction


2016 CHAIR Leadership Award Recipient

Roger Holliss

Director Engineering & Biomedical Services / St. Mary’s General Hospital

Roger Holliss (P. Eng) is the Director of Engineering, Redevelopment, Bio-Medical Services, Parking & Security for St. Mary’s General Hospital in Kitchener Ontario. St. Mary’s is a medium sized acute care hospital, and also cardiac center for the south-western Ontario region.  Over the 19 years in healthcare, Roger has increased his influence both within his hospital and healthcare engineering as he graduated through a number of roles both within St. Mary’s  and in more recent years through further reaching national entities like CSA and the Cdn. Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES).  The successes at St. Mary’s in terms of introducing new systems and processes including a leading edge digital drawing system, asset management and introducing new infection control technologies has translated well relative to improving healthcare management on a larger scale.

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