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Supporting Member:  Canadian company, Canadian subsidiary of a company, or Trade Association/Organization who demonstrates a leadership role in achieving CHAIR’s  vision and goals. Membership fee for this type is based on company or organizational revenue. See “Membership Type and Fees” below.

Association: Not-for-profit, knowledge organization, or non-participating member organization who wants access to news and conference information. Membership fee for this type is $1,000 CAD.

Individual: Individuals wishing to support CHAIR’s mission,vision and goals. Membership fee for this type is $100 CAD.

Academic / Honorary: Student/teacher/professor at learning institution on organization active in medical environments or related sciences. Government association or agency; not-for-profit regulatory organization or funder; donating in-kind labour or participating in trial or study that supports CHAIR’s mission, vision and goals. Membership fee for this type is free.

* Memberships are approved by Steering Committee. Participation in weekly CHAIR meetings is by invitation only.

Benefits of CHAIR Membership

Membership Categories

Supporting Member Association Individual Academic / Honorary
Networking Effective networking environment with clinicians, scientists, academics, government officials, and innovative product developers in tested in HAI reduction X X X X
Information Access Access to information regarding latest product innovation in infection control and reduction X X X X
Access to information regarding standards development for antimicrobial products and their development X X X X
Access to information regarding latest clinical trials of antimicrobial products X X X X
Access to information regarding infection reduction conferences X X X X
Advertising & Discount Conference Rates Discounted program rates (e.g. conference fees) X X X X monthly newsletter advertising X X X
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Membership Type: *All fees to be paid in US or Canadian dollars.

Once you submit this form, the CHAIR National Facilitator will contact you regarding your membership acceptance and payment fee. CHAIR membership fee payment can be made by cheque, VISA or MasterCard.

By submitting this form, you agree that all information entered is correct and accurate.