CHAIR - Coalition for Healthcare Acquired Infection Reduction

High Frequency Episodic Disinfection

Terminator CoV

Company: Prescientx

Disinfecting N95 masks and other small items that require quick and effective disinfection of bacteria and viruses.


Company: Prescientx

The second generation of the world’s 1st fully automatic fixed UVC disinfection system utilizes smart sensor technology designed to disinfect bathrooms, utility/storage and equipment rooms after every use.


Company: Prescientx

The world’s fastest Mobile UVC Disinfection System utilizes two high-power units designed to disinfect an entire patient room or O.R in as little as 5 minutes.


Company: Prescientx

Air and surface disinfection in any room.


Company: Prescientx

Disinfecting water used in ice machines.


Company: Prescientx

Hand sink using ozonated water to eliminate bacteria both on hands, on the sink itself and in the drain.


Company: Prescientx

Killing respiratory viruses and prevents airborne contamination so that infectious diseases don’t spread from one person to another.


Company: Prescientx

Is an NSF certified UV sanitizing product, that is automated and chemical-free, that can be retrofitted to any commercial ice machine.


Company: Prescientx

In-duct air disinfection that continuously disinfecting HVAC air.